Twice Upon a Time review

So, the end of several eras and lots of nostalgia in a Christmas special combining multiple Doctors, plenty of reflection and the thinnest of stories supporting some great performances. Twice Upon a Time delivered what it promised, no less and perhaps no more. There are many spoilers to follow; you’ve been warned!

Twice Upon a Time Extras

So, the Moffat era may be over and the Twelfth Doctor no more, but don’t forget to check out the extras for Twice Upon a Time, including a fascinating Fact File. Do have a look! +++ Message Ends +++

Twice Upon a Time Bingo

In case you need something to occupy you as you watch Twice Upon a Time, I’ve produced a quick bingo card (left), letting you tick off all those mentions/ cameo appearances. I’ve not seen the preview, so it’s all guesswork. I’ll let you know how well I did next week! [And here’s a link to the full-size…

Who-ology regenerates

The rather splendid Who-ology by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright is regenerating! It was already a very good book, but as it was out for the 50th anniversary, is now more than four years old! [Where does the time go?] We are promised an update covering all the Twelfth Doctor and I wonder if we will get…

Doctor Who Infinity announced

Tiny Rebel Games has announced some details of Doctor Who Inifinity, its 2018 follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy. It starts with Dalek Invasion of Time, a George Mann story illustrated by MIke Collins / Chris Carter. I believe it will be a paid for game, and the first of a series. This story features the Twelfth Doctor and Missy.

Polly returns at Christmas!

Keen viewers of the new trailer for Twice Upon a Time will have spotted a familiar mop of blonde hair and Polly Wright no less. It’s not Anneke Wills, nor is it Ellie Spicer who played Anneke in An Adventure in Space and Time. Instead it seems to be (not yet confirmed) Virginia McKenna’s granddaughter, Lily Travers. No…

Season 10 deleted scenes

While we all wait for the announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor, pine for Peter Capaldi and bemoan how long it is until Christmas, why not take a look at the deleted scenes from Season 10? Thanks to BBC America and Stewart Seyfried they are all up on YouTube: Deleted Scenes from Season 10 of Doctor Who. Enjoy! ***…

Christmas Day of the Doctors

So, this year (2017) our Christmas Day Doctor Who treat is a multi-Doctor regeneration story and we have (so far) Peter Capaldi and David Bradley as the Twelfth and First Doctors respectively. We also have the (as yet unannounced) Thirteenth Doctor, and Clara Oswald probably. Is that it? I wonder…

Doctor (Puppet) Falls

A long overdue return for Doctor Puppet, who has been marking the Season 10 finale in his own special way. Do look at the FaceBook page – it’s brilliant! ==> Message Ends <==

The Doctor Falls review

For the sake of completeness, here’s my thoughts on The Doctor Falls. Short review: few gripes aside, like all the reviews I can find I agree it was rather excellent. Long review? Well, here’s some thoughts…

The Doctor Falls Extras

As per usual, there are some bits and pieces available for The Doctor Falls. No extra photos or artwork yet, expect these tomorrow. If you want the quiz / fact file / farewell from Nardole have a look. -+- Message Ends -+-

Stuart Manning poster for The Doctor Falls

Back after a short gap, here’s the Stuart Manning poster for The Doctor Falls. His FaceBook page lists ways to buy in poster / T-shirt form, along with his other works. Brilliant as ever! *** Message Ends ***