Time Dilation 101

Thanks to Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, we have a view on the time dilation as presented in World Enough and Time. Bottom line is yes, it’s not ridiculous (though the material stresses aren’t discussed), but Simon also mentions some other aspects of the situation worth reading. It’s a post on the Radio Times site: The mind-blowing real…

Graceless 4 review on CultBox

I took a listen to Simon Guerrier’s Graceless 4 – my thoughts are on CultBox: ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off review: ‘Graceless’ returns for an engaging fourth box set. Well done to Simon, producer Mark Wright, director Lisa Bowerman and all the cast! *** Message Ends ***

Simon Guerrier trails the Cover of Evil!

Over on his blog (0tralala.blogspot.com aka Nothing Tra La La?), Simon Guerrier has the cover for his forthcoming Black Archive study of The Evil of the Daleks. The item in question is: Cover of Evil. This is one title I will be looking out for! ### Message Ends ###

The Sontarans reviewed

The third season of Doctor Who: Early Adventures ends with The Sontarans. Simon Guerrier wrote this First Doctor story with companions Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom. It’s action packed and rather clever. You want more? Carry on reading…

Abby and Zara – what happened next…

So, you’re the Tracer twins, Abby and Zara, created by the Grace to locate the segments of the Key to Time, long since stripped of your powers and now called Amy and Joy. What happens next? Simon Guerrier answers this question in Graceless 4. The details are still emerging, but the cunning twist is time passes…

DWM 500 day

May 28, 2016 and it’s a return to the Copthorne Hotel in Slough (not Windsor, despite the name). I’d been there for a few Big Finish Days, so found it hard to resist comparing the two events, despite their natural differences. I made a few notes, took a few pictures and chat to a few…

Subscriber Short Trips 2010 reviewed

My wander back through the Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips hits 2010 and four more great Doctor Who stories to enjoy. Four authors, three readers, four Doctors and six companions (and some UNIT pseudo-companions) — you spoil us! Excitement aside, are these worth a listen? Short answer, yes; long answer…

Whographica – a new book from Simon Guerrier

Over on his blog, Simon Guerrier has announced a new Doctor Who book Whographica to be released around December 2016. It promises a journey through the Doctor Who universe full of infographics. More news as it appears and I hope to do a review when it is published. *** Message Ends ***

The Black Hole reviewed on CultBox

I reviewed Simon Guerrier’s excellent Second Doctor story, The Black Hole on CultBox. It is part of the October round-up of Doctor Who releases I help Ian McArdell produce. The reviews are: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in November 2015 from Big Finish. [[- Message Ends -]]

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson – Part I

Actor Elliot Chapman has attracted some attention among Big Finish fans for his casting as Ben Jackson in the Early Adventures range. If you’ve heard The Yes Men, you will know how good a job Elliot made of the role; he was sensitive to Michael Craze’s performance without being a slavish copy.

Yes Men reviewed on Starburst

My review of the Simon Guerrier Early Adventures story The Yes Men, is on Starburst (The Yes Men (Doctor Who)). This has much to recommend it and enjoy, but I focussed on Eliot Chapman in his first appearance as Ben Jackson. Do feel free to give feedback! [=] Message Ends [=]

Simon Guerrier’s handy guide to Ben and Polly

Simon Guerrier has produced a handy blog post about Ben and Polly – Ben and Polly in Doctor Who. It covers everything they did on TV with the First and Second Doctors, and is a useful primer ahead of reading Simon’s The Yes Men. Simon’s new Early Adventures brings us the first outing for Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson (and…