Landbound Extras released

The extras for last years (free) Paul Spragg Memorial Opportunity winner, Landbound are now in accounts. Timely, of course, for anyone thinking of entering this year. My advice? Read the rules, don’t overthink it and look at the two previous winners. *** Message Ends ***

Landbound review

The winner of the 2018 Paul Spragg Short Trips Memorial Opportunity is now released (as of December 29, Paul’s birthday). It’s Landbound by Selim Ulug, a Third Doctor story read by Nick Briggs and directed by Neil Gardner. Mention also for Ian Atkins who produced, script edited and read all the competition entries. It’s free so no excuse…

Selim Ulug wins Paul Spragg Short Trips 2017 with Landbound

Big Finish has announced Selim Ulug as the winner of the 2017 Paul Spragg Short Trips competition (PAUL SPRAGG SHORT TRIP). His Third Doctor story Landbound read by Nick Briggs will released later this year in December. Like last year’s winning entry Forever Fallen, it will be available free. Congratulations Selim! +++ Message Ends +++

Advice for the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Competition (2017)

Last year when Ian Atkins ran the first Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Competition, I was flattered to have several people ask me for tips, simply because I’d written a few Short Trips for Big Finish. As I’ve already been asked again this year, I thought I’d post the advice I give everybody, and add a couple of bits.

In memory of Paul Spragg

Big Finish has marked the third anniversary of the passing of the much-missed Paul Spragg with the announcement of the second Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip. I didn’t know Paul well, but always found him a pleasure to deal with and was shocked by the news of his passing. The competition is a fitting memorial, and…

Paul Spragg memorial competition

Big Finish has announced an annual competition for new writers in memory of Paul Spragg (shown here with Sophie and Sylvester). The brain-child of produced Ian Atkins, you have until June 30th to enter. The winner will get their story read by Nick Briggs and it will be available as a free Short Trip. Full…

Seasons of War announced

There’s a new Doctor Who charity book called Seasons of War full of stories from hosts of great authors and all about the War Doctor. The charity is the Cauldwell Children and the book is dedicated to the memory of Paul Spragg who sadly passed away earlier this year. Some of the authors included are Andrew Smith, Paul Magrs, Kate Orman…