Return of the Daleks review

If you were a Big Finish collector back in December 2007, your main range release of Year of the Pig came with a free single-disc story, Return of the Daleks. If you (like me) are a latecomer, you’ve acquired early releases in random sales and may not have the free subscriber releases. So it is I have…

Klein’s Story – free May 2016

If you’ve never heard Klein’s Story, which was the first part of main range release Survival of the Fittest, May 2016 gives you that chance. As part of the 20th anniversary of the Eighth Doctor, Big Finish has made it free! What are you waiting for? Download now! >>> Message Ends <<<

Vienna Series 2 boxset review

The galaxy’s most glamorous bounty hunter / assassin is back, yes it’s Vienna Salvatori as played by Chase Masterson back for another boxset of three mind-bending stories. I’ve enjoyed the Vienna stories so far, but when I reviewed last year’s boxset, I did worry about how many resets the series could survive before it lost its integrity….

Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code reviewed

As the Companion Chronicles approach their conclusion I have been picking up various titles in the odd weekend sale. I have penned some thoughts on Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code a Seventh Doctor tale with Lisa Bowerman as the eponymous lead in and Eddie Robson story. The cast is rounded off by Charlie Hayes [Wendy Padbury’s daughter who…

Lost Stories Season 1 reviewed

The Lost Stories are a bit of a mixed bag. Given their genesis this is hardly surprising though it does set a challenge to the reviewer. One could review then as they were made at the time originally intended, review with modern eyes or consider them as wholly new pieces of work. In this article I…

Destiny of the Doctor – Starburst feature article

I wrote a feature on the Destiny of the Doctor series for Starburst before the recent news of AudioGO entering administration. I modified it somewhat but I think that the piece still stands and has merit. Please do have a look and feel free to give feedback (*) Message Ends (*)

Destiny of the Doctor notes from Big Finish Day 3

The first panel at Big Finish Day 3 was entitled The Fiftieth Anniversary  and featured Nick Briggs, Carole Ann Ford and John Ainsworth amongst others. After a lot of interesting chat including the forthcoming An Adventure in Time and Space – Nick mentioned his part as the original voice of the Daleks and Carole mentioned that she…