Flashpoint review

It’s Lucie Miller (and read by Sheridan herself) in an electrifying Eighth Doctor Short Trips story, Flashpoint, written by Andrew Smith. You want more? I put some notes together for Cultbox: Doctor Who: Flashpoint review. Now go off and listen to it! ### Message Ends ###

The Movellan Grave review

I reviewed the excellent Andrew Smith story The Movellan Grave over on CultBox (and yes that’s Andrew and the story both being excellent!). It’s a great Fourth Doctor and Romana story featuring, guess who, the Movellans! Read it here: Doctor Who: The Movellan Grave review (Big Finish Audio). /// Message Ends \\\

More Movellans!

If you want more Movellans following their brief appearance in The Pilot, pop across to the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures range. July 2017 brings The Movellan Grave by Andrew Smith. Can’t wait! *** Message Ends ***

War Doctor Volume 4 review on CultBox

I reviewed the phenomenal War Doctor Volume 4:Casualties of War on CultBox. It’s really rather good (the boxset, not my review!), and no hesitation in awarding 5*! The review is: ‘The War Doctor’ Volume 4 review: A raft of great performances in ‘Casualties of War’. /// Message Ends \\\

The Star Men reviewed

Andrew Smith kicked off 2017’s main range with The Star Men. It’s a Fifth Doctor story with companions Adric, Nyssa and Tegan — yes, Matthew Waterhouse hits the main range after many years of waiting. How was it? Full of vivid imagination and some great moments for Adric. You want more? Read on…

Andrew Smith interviewed on Croydon Radio

Andrew Smith has been interviewed on community radio station Croydon Radio. The interview is available online, and includes a discussion on the January 2017 title The Starmen. The interview is here: From Croydon To Gallifrey. ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

UNIT Shutdown reviewed

The second boxset in the new UNIT range, UNIT — Shutdown, is a high-octane set of stories covering several locations while packing conspiracies, aliens and technological mysteries into a gripping whole. Kate Stewart and Osgood are centre-stage as the team investigates the latest threat to humanity. This time UNIT has to counter both alien and local challenges as…

DWM 500 day

May 28, 2016 and it’s a return to the Copthorne Hotel in Slough (not Windsor, despite the name). I’d been there for a few Big Finish Days, so found it hard to resist comparing the two events, despite their natural differences. I made a few notes, took a few pictures and chat to a few…

Lucie Miller’s back!

Excellent news to wake up to on a Sunday (or hear if you were at Gally) is that Sheridan Smith will be back as Lucie Miller! Jason Haigh-Ellery made the announcement and explained about Sheridan being back for two Short Trips and this does not change the ending of To the Death. The news item is: DOCTOR WHO:…

UNIT-Extinction reviewed

So, here it is, the first post-2005 release for Big Finish in the modern world of Doctor Who. Written by Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith, UNIT-Extinction brings Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood face to face with the Autons. This time there’s no Doctor to save the day, but don’t worry, UNIT has some resources of its own….

The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part II

Prompted by a full Companion Chronicles sale, here is the second part of my guide said range. It follows on from The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part I. This part covers series 5 – 8. This is intended as a reference and is field under Home > Guides, as are all the other Red Rocket series guides.

Details revealed for The Sontaran Ordeal

The latest DWM (#489) reveals many things, including more details of Classic Doctors, New Monsters. The Eighth Doctor / Sontaran story is Sontaran Ordeal by Andrew Smith. The case includes Dan Starkey (of course), Chris Ryan (ex Young Ones) and of great interest to Blake’s 7 fans, Josette Simon OBE. The full announcement is: DOCTOR WHO: SONTAR-HA! *** Message Ends ***