Eighth Doctor Lost Adventures TV Series

To be filed under if only or maybe rerun for the next April Fool’s Day is the fan idea (on FaceBook) of a new spin-off the BBC could have announced instead of Class. From Marc Atkinson (with JR Southall) comes the idea of a new Eighth Doctor series! If only! <== Message Ends ==>

The Eighth Doctor back on TV rumour

This has been bubbling under for a while (including the BBC posting the same chalice McGann drank from on Night of the Doctor to Instagram) so let’s just have a quick moment and hope it might be true: DOCTOR WHO: IS THE EIGHTH DOCTOR RETURNING TO TELEVISION THIS SEASON?. I would put this in the unlikely, not impossible…

Did Buffy really influence new-Who?

Some press this week (eg here on the Radio Times site) where Anthony Head talks about many things, including the influence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Doctor Who. As we all know, Anthony appeared as a headmaster in the Tenth Doctor story School Reunion, and was beaten to the role of the Eighth Doctor by Paul McGann (as was Peter…

Legacy Treats for Flatline

This week’s Doctor Who Legacy newsletter is the usual bag of information, codes and other items of interest. There’s a code for the Eighth Doctor and news that there is a new costume for the TARDIS coming this weekend – mini-TARDIS I assume.