Breakfast of the seven Doctors!

As part of this year’s BBC Charity marathon Red Nose Day, there is a chance to have breakfast with not one, not two but seven Doctors! Yes, you can start the day with Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi!

Eddie Redmayne as the Doctor? Why not!

Recently, Eddie Redmayne spoke about one day wanting to be the Doctor. I thought is just an easy way to get advertising before the Fantastic Beasts film in which he plays Newt Scamander. I then went to see the film, and all the way through I thought Why not?

The almost Day of the Doctor

Full marks to Bleeding Cool for their article How Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Looked When Christopher Eccleston Was Still In It – And Billie Piper Wasn’t. Drawn from the recent release by storyboard creator Andrew Wildman of sketches from Day of the Doctor it gives a fascinating glimpse of the anniversary show we could have had.

Careful with the Christmas Tree

As we all know (eg from The Christmas Invasion), Christmas can be a deadly time for the Doctor and those around him. This picture of Amy Pond (shamelessly borrowed from the twitter feed of Doctor Who News) shows just how dangerous Christmas can be — careful decorating those trees! *** Message Ends ***

I talk Asylum of the Daleks on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous a group of us pooled thoughts on our favourite episode from Series 7A. I was one of many who picked the surprise appearance of Clara in Asylum of the Daleks. Read our thoughts: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SERIES 7A STORY?. === Message Ends ===

Time Lord Letters reviewed on Starburst

I reviewed the rather delightful Time Lord Letters over on Starburst. This is a brilliantly simple idea brought to Doctor Who fans thanks to Justin Richards. If you want to more, the review is TIME LORD LETTERS. ::: Message Ends :::

Titan Four Doctors #3 review on Starburst

I reviewed the third of Paul Cornell’s Titan Comics summer special over on Starburst. This is much better than the first instalment, and recommended for all comic fans. The review is: DOCTOR WHO: FOUR DOCTORS #3. [-] Message Ends [-]

Radio Times celebrates seven years of the Fourth Doctor

The Radio Times countdown continues with a nice piece of art (see left) marking the seven years of the Fourth Doctor’s tenure versus the more modern incarnations. All very good and the point on continuity is well made. Of course the longest gap between first and final appearance is Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, and Sylvester McCoy also had a good…

Titan Comics Four Doctors #1 reviewed on Starburst

I had a look at the first of the Titan Comics Four Doctors event series for summer 2015. Written by Paul Cornell I really liked the first half (the War Doctor sequence on Marinus) but felt the multi-Doctor second half was not as strong. The review is: FOUR DOCTORS #1. ||- Message Ends -||

I chat Vampires of Venice on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous I contributed to the article: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS SERIES 5’S MOST UNDERRATED STORY? Unlike the previous article in this run (Planet of the Dead on Kasterborous) we had a very diverse set of opinions. My choice was Vampires of Venice. Let me know what you think, and what your choice would be (there’s…

Picture of Lily completes Churchill casting

After a week of cast reveals and excitement building, Big Finish topped off the hype for The Churchill Years with a surprise. Joining Ian McNeice (Churchill) and Kazran Sardick (Danny Horn) will be Holly Earl! Holly played Lily Arwell in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. The cast for this is now looking as strong as any…

Could we get the Further Fantastical Adventures of Captain Avery?

With the recent new-Who announcements from Big Finish, and the hint of more to come, I wondered what else we might be expecting and out of those what would I must want to listen to. I’ll start with the most likely, The Paternoster Gang, then cast my net wider. My thoughts are below — do…