Legends of River Song review on Starburst

I reviewed the book of short stories The Legends of River Song for Starburst. I’m a big fan of the short story format, and this set of five stories is one I would recommend. It fills out some details of River’s personality without making any dramatic decisions. All five stories have their strengths and the set works…

This Sporting Life review on Starburst

I reviewed the Una McCormack Short Trips: This Sporting Life on Starburst. It’s a charming tale set 50 years ago, back when England were about to win the World Cup, but someone has stolen the trophy! Enter the Doctor, Steven and Dodo in this charming First Doctor story.

Cyberman boxset review on Starburst

I reviewed the special (Big Finish site only) release of Cyberman: The Complete Series 1 & 2 over on Starburst. I hadn’t heard these before (they are from 2005 and 2009) and while there is no Doctor, there is plenty to enjoy. The review is: CYBERMAN THE COMPLETE SERIES 1 & 2. === Message Ends ===

Jago & Litefoot series 11 review on Starburst

I’ve reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 11 over on Starburst; I will produce an in-depth review here at some stage. In short, yet another hit, longer form see here: JAGO & LITEFOOT SERIES 11. >:: Message Ends ::<

Tenth Doctor Adventure release date

Big Finish has given more details and the release date (May 16, 2016) for the first set of Tenth Doctor Adventures. I mention this as in the latest Starburst Magazine (for which I am Audio Drama Editor) I have a feature on David Tennant’s work for Big Finish as far as it touches on Doctor Who. It’s…

Aquitaine review on Starburst

I reviewed Aquitaine on Starburst. Written by Paul Morris and Simon Barnard, this is a main range story for the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan. Rather good it is too! The review is: Aquitaine (Doctor Who). +++ Message Ends +++

Prisoners of Time reviewed on Starburst

I took a look at the re-issue of the Titan Comics 50th anniversary collection Prisoners of Time on Starbust. I hadn’t read them at the time and the 300 page story isn’t bad though I have had my fill of multi-Doctor extravaganzas. The review is: DOCTOR WHO PRISONERS OF TIME OMNIBUS. [:- Message Ends -:]

Diary of River Song Series 1 Starburst review

I took a look at the Diary of River Song Series 1 on the Starburst website – plenty to like and roll on the next instalment! The review is: THE DIARY OF RIVER SONG: SERIES 1. *+* Message Ends *+*

Dogs of War review on Starburst

What’s not to like about the Brigadier meeting Gilmore from Counter Measures in the new Candy Jar free short story Dogs of War? my thoughts on Starburst: THE DOGS OF WAR. ..- Message Ends -..

Planet of the Rani review on Starburst

My review of Marc Platt’s Planet of the Rani is reviewed on Starburst: PLANET OF THE RANI (DOCTOR WHO). I enjoyed this Sixth Doctor tale and liked the way the interplay between Constance Clarke and the Rani allowed for exploration of both characters. –= Message Ends =–

Titan Four Doctors #3 review on Starburst

I reviewed the third of Paul Cornell’s Titan Comics summer special over on Starburst. This is much better than the first instalment, and recommended for all comic fans. The review is: DOCTOR WHO: FOUR DOCTORS #3. [-] Message Ends [-]