Doctor Who: The Rescue review

Often summarised as a short story in two episodes to introduce a new companion (I paraphrase), I think there’s a bit more to The Rescue than the simple description does justice. Yes it’s about the first (ever) companion change from Susan to Vicki, and yes there’s not much story, but it still has its moments. I’ve chosen it for…

The Space Museum – some thoughts

I’ve been watching the First Doctor series 2 story The Space Museum. It’s not at the top of most people’s top episodes from the 1960s, but I suggest it isn’t as bad as might be thought. Yes a lot of the acting doesn’t work (and there’s debate elsewhere about it being written as a comedy then reined back)….

The Dalek Occupation of Winter review on CultBox

The latest round of Early Adventures kicks off with the extremely recommended The Dalek Invasion of Winter by David K Barnes. It’s one of the most impressive debuts (to Big Finish) I can recall for a long time, and a great example of how writing, directing (Lisa Bowerman in fine form as ever) and performance (Peter Purves…

First Doctor CC Volume 2 review

I’m catching up with some listening, and it’s time to talk Companion Chronicles The First Doctor Volume 2. It’s a great set of stories, and producer Ian Atkins has really pushed the envelope on the art of the possible with this set. You want more? Oh, alright then!

The Fifth Traveller reviewed

The latest series of Early Adventures continues with another outing for Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright. Philip Lawrence brings us The Fifth Traveller and we welcome Jospa (James Joyce) to the TARDIS. Just what is going on and what adventures will befall the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki and Jospa? Let’s find out…