Guy Adams interview in Starburst

In the most recent Starburst Magazine (the Bladerunner 2049 issue) I have a two-page interview with Guy Adams, in which he talks Big Finish and more. If you do read it, let me know what you think. Feel free, as well, to drop me ideas for other interviews you’d like. +++ Message Ends +++

Archive Chris Chibnall interview

I thought I’d dig back through the Starburst archive and point our an interview JR Southall did with new showrunner Chris Chibnall. It’s part of a set done during the early days of Broadchurch; Chris talks about the show in general, Steven Moffatt and some of his own episodes. No real clues for next season, but…

Interview in DWM 504

A quick plug for Doctor Who Magazine #504 – not only does it have lots of 50th anniversary Cybermen goodness, but tucked away on page 80 is an interview with me about next month’s Short Trips: Rulebook. Do let me know what you think of the interview! -+- Message Ends -+-

Scott Handcock interview in Starburst

The latest issue of Starburst Magazine (#425) has a two-page interview with Scott Handcock I carried out two weeks ago. Scott talks Torchwood and more. It was an excellent interview and had to be trimmed to fit the magazine. I hope the full version appears on-line soon. ))) Message Ends (((

Starburst interview with Una McCormack

A quick mention for my interview with Una McCormack over on Starburst. Una talks Big Finish (Doctor Who and Blake’s 7) and also Star Trek. *** Message Ends ***

Starburst Interview with Peter Anghelides

A quick mention of my Starburst interview with Peter Anghelides in which he talks Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Tomorrow People, Torchwood and Sarah Jane. (!) Message Ends (!)

Steve Lyons interview on Starburst

I had to the chance to ask Steve Lyons a few questions about his work on Doctor Who (novels and Big Finish), Lucie Miller, Klein, Blake’s 7 and other things besides. The results are over on the StarBurst website: Interview: Steve Lyons | DOCTOR WHO Novels. As every please feel free to leave comments. -=- Message…

Interview with John Dorney

John Dorney was kind enough to answer a few questions on a range of topics including the Fourth Doctor Adventures, Jago & Litefoot, steampunk, Counter: Measures, Companion Chronicles and The Avengers. The interview is here on the Starburst website. Update 16th August 2013 – the interview is also printed in Starburst Magazine #392 if you’re interested! He had plenty…

Interview with Nick Briggs

Nick Briggs was kind enough to spend some time talking about the 50th anniversary, Big Finish, Zagreus, being a man of many trades and everything else I could fit in! The results are over on Starburst – here! +++ Message Ends +++

Colin Baker interview on

It’s worth popping across to for this great interview with Colin Baker. He talks about the TV version of the Sixth Doctor and how the character has come on leaps and bounds on audio. All thanks to Big Finish and Colin’s hard work methinks! +++ Message Ends +++

Interview with Simon Guerrier

Starburst #390 (with Wolverine on the cover) includes my two-page write-up of an interview with Simon Guerrier. In this he discusses a range of topics including Graceless, Sara Kingdom, writing trilogies and his Destiny of the Doctor story Shadow of Death. He even finds time to talk about his Blake’s 7 story The Turing Test. In an exclusive he…

Simon Guerrier interviews Andrew Smith

Over on his oddly named blog (Nothing, Tra La La?) Simon Guerrier gives us an interview with Andrew Smith. This covers Andrew’s early career, writing as a teen and gives a good sense of how Full Circle happened. It also takes Andrew off my list of people to interview in the near future as Simon has covered…