Shada (BluRay 2017) Review

I’ve talked about Shada before, mostly around the Big Finish / BBC Eighth Doctor version; now it’s time to consider the 2017 part-animated version (as discussed on BBC Cambridgeshire: Doctor Who: Tom Baker finishes abandoned 1979 Shada serial).

Animated Shada finally announced

In what comes as no surprise at all if you’ve been following any Doctor Who sources, is the confirmation of the animated Shada due November 24, 2017. Does the world need another version of this story? Will it displace the Big Finish Eighth Doctor version as the go to edition? How will it’s animation compare with Power of the…

Myth Makers #119 David Fisher reviewed

Myth Makers #119, available from Time Travel TV is an interview with David Fisher. David wrote several Fourth Doctor stories and sometimes worked with Douglas Adams. Due to health problems, David is filmed answering questions, while Nick Briggs sets them out in separately filmed scenes. There are also readings from Target novelisations of David’s Doctor Who stories.

City of Death reviewed

Back in the day (or so legend tells us) a writer could improvise a four-part Doctor Who story in a weekend. Whatever the detail, Douglas Adams is known for few actual stories but plenty of ideas. With James Goss’s adaptation fresh in the memory, and The Horror Channel offering a chance for a re-watch, what better way to spend…