New Seventh Doctor Comics for 2018!

Over on Amazon I’ve noticed a new Seventh Doctor novel series has been revealed, with the intriguing title of: Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor Volume 1. The intriguing bit is the Volume 1 and the list of authors! Looking closer it’s actually the already announced Titan Comics releases for later this year. Nearly!

Short Trips Volume III reviewed

In 2010 / 2011, the Doctor Who Short Trips range was a regular (every few months) set of two CDs brimming with short stories read by a range of actors, for all the licensed Doctors and written by a kaleidoscope of writers. For no clear reason, I’ve decided to commence reviews with May 2011 and Short Trips Volume…

Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who reviewed

There are many, many books about Doctor Who (I’m even thinking of writing one!) and not all of them can stand out. I’m pleased to report The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who seems destined to join the ranks of the successful. Put together by Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, this book has a lot to recommend it,…

Reblog: Andrew Cartmel interview

I found an interesting interview with Andrew Cartmel over on the blog Troughton Is My Doctor. The interview is IN CONVERSATION WITH ANDREW CARTMEL. It talks about many things from the 1980s, comics and even Torchwood. Well worth a read. <:> Message Ends <:>

Doctor Who Cov Con 15

If you can get to Coventry on Saturday June 13, 2015 why not pop into Doctor Who Cov Con 15? Guests include the ever interesting Andrew Cartmel (needs no introduction), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium, pictured) and Anthony Head (School Reunion). The event is being held at the Coventry & North Warwickshire Sports Club, Binley Road.

The Curse of Fenric reviewed

My random walk through the TV reign of the Seventh Doctor continues with The Curse of Fenric. Written by Ian Briggs this is a rich story that combines plenty of themes, is a treat to watch as much of it is shot on location and gives plenty of Ace’s back story. It isn’t all perfect – my…

The Happiness Patrol reviewed

Welcome to Terra Alpha, a world where being happy is compulsory. Welcome to Muzak and the blues, welcome to state control of almost everything. Welcome to The Happiness Patrol. Written by Graeme Curry this is infamous for a Margaret Thatcher inspired Helen A (Shelia Hancock) and more still for The Kandy Man (and yes it is…