2015: Top 10 non-Who titles on Cultbox

It’s that time of year and fellow reviewer Ian McArdell and I put together a top 10 (after some struggle) of non-Who releases from Big Finish for 2015. Not all of these are Who spin-offs but enough are to make this relevant to this blog. I’m sure there are other titles that could have been added –…

Dogs of War review on Starburst

What’s not to like about the Brigadier meeting Gilmore from Counter Measures in the new Candy Jar free short story Dogs of War? my thoughts on Starburst: THE DOGS OF WAR. ..- Message Ends -..

Notes from Big Finish Day 7 aka #bfd7

These are the notes I took during the Big Finish Panel at Big Finish Day 7 in Slough. They may well contain mistakes or omissions, so do feel free to let me know any corrections! The panel consisted (as usual) of Jason Haigh-Ellery, David Richardson and Nick Briggs (as per the picture)

Counter Measures 4 review on Kasterborous

My review of Counter Measures: Series 4 is now live on Kasterborous. I rather glossed over the ending as you will see if you read: REVIEWED: COUNTER-MEASURES SERIES 4, I may be a bit less discreet when I discuss this here. Until then, enjoy the review! -+- Message Ends -+-

Is it time up for Counter Measures?

In a reminder that Counter Measures is back with us in July, Big Finish has dropped a hint this may be the final series! The full news item is on the Big Finish website news feed: COUNTER-MEASURES: SERIES 4.

Counter measures 4 news

The cast (some pictured) are in studio recording the fourth Counter Measures boxset. The news item COUNTER-MEASURES – SERIES 4 RECORDING gives details of the cast along with the synopses of the four stories. The writers are Cavan Scott, Mark Wright, Ken Bentley, John Dorney and Matt Fitton.

Big Finish 12 Days sale 2014 announced

The news is out — another twelve days of Christmas sale from Big Finish. The news piece is illustrated with the Counter Measures team — is that a clue? Details are here. You can also get Relative Dimensions  for £2.99 on download (it’s brilliant) and there are rumours of a Humble Bundle sale. There’s even a free (short) Dorian Gray story…

Worlds of Doctor Who reviewed

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the Doctor Who licence, Big Finish released the four-disc connected set of stories The Worlds of Doctor Who. In my mind any such collection should achieve at least three things: Each story should work in its own right It should work as a set It should celebrate and not just be very good. How…

BF 15 – 2012

And as the weekend comes the Big Finish celebration of 15 years of the Main Range hits the year 2012. As predicted (hoped) on the forum this sees special pricing for the first season of the Fourth Doctor Adventures (my favourite is the Wrath of the Iceni) and also the first two series of Counter Measures (reviews of…

Counter Measures 3 review on Starburst

A quick mention for my Starburst Review of Counter Measures boxset 3. As usual feel free to comment – if you’d like anything reviewed, get in touch! ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

Counter Measures series 3 reviewed

They appeared for the anniversary in The Assassination Games but are now back where they belong in their own boxset. We learned a lot of secrets before but many remain. As ever things are mixed for the team with Sir Toby’s very future in doubt… There are some spoilers so you may wish to read this…