Shakespeare and secrets for the First Doctor

Ahead of (Virtual) Big Finish Day, we’ve been given details of The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05. And there’s more: as part of Virtual Big Finish Day Claudia Grant and Carole Ann Ford are interviewed together in a panel Big Finish are calling The Two Susans! A reminder that events start at 4 pm (UK time) Saturday…

First Doctor Adventures volume 04 review on CultBox

My review for The First Doctor Adventures volume 04 is up on CultBox. I’d be interested in other opinions — for me this set didn’t reach the heights it might have done, but it’s all subjective despite best efforts. My thoughts are here: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 04 audio review. ++( Message Ends )++

The First Doctor returns to Skaro!

It’s a return to Skaro for the First Doctor, in March 2020. Big Finish has released details of The First Doctor Adventures Volume 4, with the return to Skaro and a new historical story. Details below.

First Doctor Adventures 3 review on Cultbox

The First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 brought a superb historical from Marc Platt and a quirky story from Guy Adams, the latter with Carole Ann Ford sharing a story with the new-cast First Doctor team. I loved it and said as much on CultBox: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 03 review. ::: Message Ends :::

Should Big Finish remake Unearthly Child (and even Daleks)?

Listening to the January 2019 First Doctor Adventures release, a thought struck me: what if Big Finish remade Unearthly Child? Is it a mad idea? Why would you want to make it? Could you even get the permissions? Stay with me and I’ll walk you through my thinking…

Thirteenth Doctor offers from Big Finish – The First Doctor

Big Finish is marking the start (later today!) of the Thirteenth Doctor‘s time in the TARDIS with a set of special offers. Each week the offer changes and starts with the First Doctor. Details: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS. -=- Message Ends -=-

First Doctor Adventures volume 2 review

I reviewed the splendid First Doctor Adventures Volume 2 for Cultbox in the inevitably named: Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 2 review. I liked the first set but to me this flowed better. My review mentions HG Wells – my thoughts were the Eloi from The Time Machine and also the way the Martians died in…

First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 review

I did rather enjoy The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 and said as much in the review I wrote for CultBox: Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 review. It’s a great pair of Matt Fitton / Guy Adams stories and bodes well for the future. *_* Message Ends *_*

David Bradley to star in the First Doctor Adventures

In what may have seemed inevitable with his appearance in the TV episode Twice Upon a Time, Big Finish has today announced a new series of First Doctor Adventures with David Bradley playing the First Doctor. Not only do these feature David Bradley, but the rest of the TARDIS cast from An Adventure in Space and Time are appearing:…