Time Lord Victorious reveal

A few minutes after my last post, and now it’s full details! And it’s big; really big! See COMING SOON: Time Lord Victorious. Let’s just look at those Doctors (including the Ninth Doctor), Rose, Ood, Daleks, book, comic, audio, escape room.. What a list! Twelve weeks starting September 2020! *** Messsage Ends ***

The hidden monsters of the Tsuranga Conundrum

In case you haven’t seen it, Twitter user Gavin made a brilliant spot in The Tsuranga Conundrum; when they Pting was being identified, the console display (left) showed a whole host of zliens both classic and post-2005, including Cybermen, Slitheen. Ood, Silurians and Sontarans. What does that mean for the absence of familiar foes? No Daleks…

Get Ready: Monday 10:00 26 October 2015

Big Finish are running yet another tease to be revealed tomorrow (UK) time at 10 am on Monday 26th October. The picture has something very Ood-like and what appears to be the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS. Tenth Doctor + Donna we all assume! <<< Message Ends >>>

Daleks to invade Winchester

If you can get to Winchester on Saturday, June 13th 2015, you might want to visit Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium. Between 10:30 and 3:30 you can be invaded by Daleks! This is being run in conjunction with a group I hadn’t heard of before — The Dalek Charity Squad. Details of the day: Dalek Invasion. [Update: the…