#PlumPudding time on May 1

Big Finish is holding its first social media listening party and it’s Chimes of Midnight. Full details after the break.

Doctor Who Short Trips: Hall of the Ten Thousand review

November 2019 brought an early release for the Doctor Who Short Trips range with Hall of the Ten Thousand. Jaine Fenn joins the ranks of Big Finish writers with an Eight Doctor and Charley story. India Fisher narrates and I have to say it’s the most accomplished of the recent run of Short Trips stories,…

It’s Plum Pudding time

As India Fisher says (left) Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without plum pudding. If that means nothing to you, listen to Chimes of Midnight IMMEDIATELY. If you want a stylish T-shirt, click here. *** Message Ends ***

Charlotte Pollard Series Two review on Cultbox

I reviewed the long-awaited Charlotte Pollard Series Two over on CultBox. It’s an imaginative set of stories for India Fisher’s character written by Nick Briggs with James Joyce returning as Robert Buchan and Dan Starkey as the rogue Viyran. It is very different from previous Charley stories and Nick has painted a very different world as he…

The Man Who Wasn’t There review on CultBox

I reviewed the excellent Ian Atkins Short Trips story The Man Who Wasn’t There on CultBox. This India Fisher read Eighth Doctor story is part of: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: November 2016 reviews round-up. $$$ Message Ends $$$

Charley news and more

In a recent news item (Doctor Who’s Charley) we learned of a delay in producing boxset 2 of the Charlotte Pollard stories, with March 2017 being the latest estimate. What we also learned is a new Short Trips has been brought forward. Read by India Fisher, this is an Ian Atkins story The Man Who Wasn’t There and will be released…

Short Trips Volume III reviewed

In 2010 / 2011, the Doctor Who Short Trips range was a regular (every few months) set of two CDs brimming with short stories read by a range of actors, for all the licensed Doctors and written by a kaleidoscope of writers. For no clear reason, I’ve decided to commence reviews with May 2011 and Short Trips Volume…