Hell Bent reviewed

So, Hell Bent. If you haven’t seen it, click away now. This review of the Steven Moffat Twelfth Doctor story is littered with spoilers. What the Hell! If you’re just passing, I liked this (in the main) though wish it had tried a bit less and achieved a lot more. Not to say it didn’t achieve a…

Trap Street – a new series for Big Finish?

Now, I know the Big Finish licence only extends up until Time of the Doctor but consider how wonderful a setting the Trap Street would make from Face the Raven? The concept is strong, the location already vivid (eg see the production artwork left); what’s not to like?

Face the Raven reviewed

Sarah Dollard’s Doctor Who story, Face the Raven, can be summarised simply. Ashildr returns, tricks the Doctor into wearing a teleport bracelet and in so-doing Clara takes one risk too many. Clara ends up dead and the Doctor is teleported away as Ashildr wonders just what she has done. Of course a little bit more happened than that (and…

Thoughts ahead of Face the Raven

Time for episode 10 of 12, and it’s Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard. We get the rerun of Rigsy (from the Jamie Mathieson story Flatline). More interesting, I suspect, is the return of Maisie Williams as Ashildr. Forever doomed to be Doctor Who meets Harry Potter, what else do we know about the story?

The Woman who Lived review

In a nutshell I liked The Woman who Lived, despite many flaws (see below). I got the bulk of what I wanted and there will be more Maisie Williams later this series. The episode was Clara-free, giving plenty of time for the Twelfth Doctor and Ashildr to discuss the moral and ethical implications of the Doctor’s choices and…

Thoughts ahead of Woman Who Lived

Much of the BBC press has been about how good Rufus Hound is in tonight’s Catherine Tregenna story The Woman Who Lived. Obviously a feint as the title and most of the teasers are focussing on Ashildr (Maisie Williams). The trailers look gorgeous, there seems to be a lot of Ashildr / Doctor moments and I…

The Girl Who Died review

I’ve been mulling over The Girl Who Died and have decided it needs to be considered from four directions. Partly this is as it has two writers (Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat), mostly for reasons I’ll explain. The four directions are: the Viking story, the Doctor’s face, Ashildr (aka the Girl who Died herself) and Maisie Williams….

Maisie Williams – now we know!

Thanks to the BBC themselves, and a small bit of detective work, we know a lot more about the Maisie Williams character than we did. If you want the details, read here about how BBC Books has given it all away with the synopsis for a book to be released in December called Legends of Ashildr, which…

I look forward to series 9 on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous, a few of us put heads together and picked the stories we were most looking forward to – I opted for the Maisie Williams stories. Read all about it here: WHAT IS YOUR MOST ANTICIPATED DOCTOR WHO SERIES 9 STORY?.. /// Message Ends \

The Maisie mystery continues

Steven Moffat, talking at the Television Critics’ Association tour has come out and explicitly denied all rumours (even mine) about who Maisie Williams is playing in series nine of Doctor Who. He has decided to do this despite the amount of hype it was generating — maybe he wants to get things back under control ahead of…

Series 9 teaser trailer rocks!

The first proper trailer for Doctor Who Series 9 is out: I’m the Doctor, and I save people! Plenty to watch in slow-motion, things we knew like Missy, Zygons and Maisie Williams plus a Dalek and lots of footage of some sci-fi settings (and a garden shed). I assume the Dalek / sci-fi settings are Skaro, and I have…

Is Maisie Williams playing Susan?

Time for more speculation. I read a piece on Doctor Who TV speculating on the return of Susan Foreman to the new series of Doctor Who. The piece is called Susan Who? This led me to wonder various things, including this — could Maisie Williams be playing a future regeneration of Susan? (I already have an is she Clara post!)