Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

With Stranded, Big Finish takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen to a Covid-free version of London 2020. There they must survive without TARDIS and most of the Doctor’s trickery (no sonic nor psychic paper). Instead they might even have to get jobs! It’s all very different and for me, overdue. I’m reviewing these one…

The return of… The Curator!

In what is, for me, the most left-field announcement from Big Finish for a very long time is news of Tom Baker returning to play The Curator! Yes, the Curator. Day of the Doctor and all that! What’s more he will be adding to the intriguing mix we already know about for the forthcoming Eighth…

Who is the Curator?

Having had a day or so to digest I now wonder just what was going on at the end of Day of the Doctor? What was Tom Baker’s part all about and who exactly might the curator be? All that follows is purely speculative and I would welcome other inputs.