Arise, Sir Rory!

Big Finish is continuing the somewhat surreal story of Rory Williams in some style with a trip to Camelot. And why not? He’s been reincarnated from nowhere, become an Auton (and then that got forgotten), done Stonehenge and watched a strange alien cube for centuries. Here’s what Big Finish has to say about it…

Lone Centurion volume 1 details revealed

Big Finish has announced details for Lone Centurion Volume 1. It’s billed (unofficially) as Flash Gordon meets Thor Ragnarök meets Gladiator but as a British audio drama. What’s not to like? Full details from Big Finish below…

Doctor Who: Echoes of Extinction — double vinyl release

Big Finish has revealed another part of Time Lord Victorious, this time it’s a vinyl release for two Doctors. We’ve linked adventures for Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. The vinyls can be listened to in either order! The Big Finish press release follows below.

Rory Williams is The Lone Centurion

Big Finish has announced a new spin-off series, this starring Arthur Darvill as Rory — The Lone Centurion! Full details from the Big Finish press release after the break, including another sale.