The Radio Times on the Sixth Doctor

I start my month of Sixth Doctor content with a trawl of the Radio Times reviews. Fans of a nervous disposition should look away now. It’s not pleasant, in fact it’s a horror show. Thankfully Big Finish has shown us the way and Sixie is now much-loved and respected. Meanwhile, back at the Radio Times…

Radio Times Sixth Doctor reviews

First a link to the collected reviews: Sixth Doctor; I told you it was grim! Fair play to Patrick Mulkern, he gives sound reasoning as to why he dislikes almost all of the stories, and blends in a lot of memories of the show and attending productions at the time. Whatever you make of Colin Baker’s TV time as the Doctor, the reviews do have some intriguing content.

As Patrick bundles the whole The Trial of a Timelord into one story, there’s hardly anything to look at, in fact just eight stories. Only Revelation of the Daleks and Vengeance on Varos get 4* ratings (and I will review on of these soon). There’s a lot of miserable 1* scores: Trial, Timelash and Twin Dilemma. Even my fondly remembered (but not recently watched) Two Doctors gets just 2*.

The page also includes a piece on the show’s (first) cancellation: Doctor Who Is Axed! It’s insightful and honest reading, if depressing.

Various reviews also have odd scans from the printed Radio Times or other relevant material. It’s worth a read for curiosity if nothing else.

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