The Meaning of Big Finish


You probably know 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of Big Finish getting the licence for Doctor Who but you may not know the Divergent Wordsmiths are producing a book to celebrate. What’s more they would like help from anyone with a desire to share their thoughts on what Big Finish means to them.

The Meaning of Big Finish

Here’s their press release:

The Divergent Wordsmiths are happy to announce a new opportunity for Big Finish Fans! In celebration of Big Finish’s 20th/21st anniversary (it’s a bit timey-wimey don’t you know), we are putting together a collection of short essays on the best of the best Big Finish has to offer. What this means is that we are looking for all you talented writers to help contribute.

Guidelines for Submission

  • Max word count is up to 2,000 words(with leeway given for entries 20% above)
  • While we do not wish to limit what releases are talked about, we are hoping to have each writer cover a different story to provide a rich collection of writing
  • Caveat: Dependent on how you choose to examine a release, we may allow for more than one person to write about it (that release). This primarily applies to pieces with emotional weight as opposed to essays looking at the factual aspects
  • We also want to give an opportunity for any artists who would wish to contribute a piece as well, so feel free to contact us
  • This is an opportunity to celebrate and thank Big Finish for the last 20-ish years (timey-wimey) of audio drama. So while there may be releases you think are absolute clunkers, this is not the place to talk about them
  • All are welcome to participate!


Pitches should be sent to by June 30th, 2019.
Finished products, ready for the final edit, should be received by August 15th to allow for adequate time for formatting etc.

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