Eddie Redmayne as the Doctor? Why not!

eddie-redmayne-fantastic-beastRecently, Eddie Redmayne spoke about one day wanting to be the Doctor. I thought is just an easy way to get advertising before the Fantastic Beasts film in which he plays Newt Scamander. I then went to see the film, and all the way through I thought Why not?

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander

Put aside his TARDIS like suitcase, it seemed to me Redmayne was channeling Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, but I have to say doing a better job, Elsewhere I’ve mentioned the sonic screwdriver is just another magic wand, and Redmayne is youthful and wise at the same time. He escapes from impossible prisons, has companions and a strong moral code. Yes, most stories are very similar at heart, but for me Beasts was almost an audition piece.

Do I think Redmayne will play the Doctor anytime soon? No, not with Hollywood calling. Could he do the role? Yes, he definitely could.

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