Could Georgia Moffett reprise Jenny for Big Finish?

jenny-georgia-moffettObviously most things are possible, so in the most abstract the answer to this (oft asked) question is yes. Why blog about it now? Well things might be changing… once again Big Finish might be in a position to bring back part of the show on audio. Could Jenny by coming to Big Finish?

The return of Jenny?

It appears (I read on forums as I wasn’t there) Nick Briggs mentioned the idea of a Jenny audio at LI Who 2016. Nothing confirmed, but given Georgia has appeared in many other Big Finish titles the idea is plausible. This means people might expect David Tennant to drop by; I for one hope not, at least in a first boxset. The character needs to establish an identity (and different from say Charley Pollard) and carve her own path. I like many have mentioned this as a likely nu-Who project and not detected any clues this might be happening. I know they have been saturated recently producing so much (great) content, but I feel there is space for this.

[pullquote]it has potential[/pullquote]

I would imagine Jenny might go on a quest for the Doctor then get drawn into her own battle. I don’t think she would stay in the world of The Doctor’s Daughter but it has potential.

So I’m pro this idea, but I understand reservations. Perhaps some ideas are better not told. Thoughts?

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