Who’s writing for Who?

question-markSteven Moffat has mentioned (at New York Comic Con) the intriguing news of a classic era writer penning an episode for the next series of Doctor Who. No details as to whom, but speculation a-plenty regarding Andrew Cartmel, Ben Aaronovitch, Marc Platt and even Andrew Smith.

Regulars will know Andrew has been doing some amazing stuff with the War Doctor and UNIT for Big Finish, so is a strong contender, but he only wrote the one classic story (Full Circle). Much as I’d love it to be Andrew, some of the other suggestions are perhaps more likely. Purely by chance I’ve been watching Survival, so is that a sign it will be Rona Munro?

I’m sure this will leak sooner than later, perhaps in the next DWM?

Update: now we know, it was Rona, and she penned Eaters of Light. I must be psychic!

Thoughts? Let me know!

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