More takes on Listen

Toy Soldier Artwork from ListenSo last Saturday’s Twelfth Doctor story Listen still has the fans talking. This post isn’t a further review more a gathering of thoughts from around the web. Thanks (mostly) to JR Southall who pointed me at most of this content.

Clearly Steven Moffat has struck several chords with several people – I’m part way through a re-watch and yes, it is really good but I’m not as moved as I was after Blink. Just me.

Around the web

First, as I mentioned in my review, here is Paul Cornell’s blog post on ToR books: FIVE BRILLIANT THINGS ABOUT DOCTOR WHO – SERIES 8 EPISODE 4Plenty of good points as you’d expect.

Next up writer and journalist Lee Zacariah has this to say: Doctor Who Recap: A Lesson In How To Upset The FanbaseIf you read no other piece, read this one. A wide range of comments and I liked the intro (which reminds me of my essay for You and Who) and also the comment about the vignette structure.

Finally why not read the HG Wells short story The Red RoomThere’s even a study on this story here on something called ShmoopThe Red Room.

Let me know what else I should mention and any further revelations. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “More takes on Listen

  1. I’m enjoying the new Dr but feel the writing is still unfocused. It’s like anything is possible again and Moffat hasn’t decided what his project is. Which, given the end of last season, is a little odd.

    So, are we officially calling him the 12th, even though he’s the 13th? I’ll grant he’s the 12th actor to be cast in the role of The Doctor for the BBC, and the War Doctor was just a part, but surely to him he’s the 13th incarnation, no? The big hang-up seems to be that 13, in terms of the life of the series, happened between 8 and 9. So it’s not in temporal order. This is a problem for Doctor Who??? If there was debate about “really the Doctor” I think the Time Lord that said, “No. All 13 of them” put it to rest. There were 13 Doctors at the end of last season, so how can the last one regenerated be #12?


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