Thank You! Red Rocket Rising – one year on

Thank YouI’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has visited my blog in the just over a year since I moved it to a self-hosted platform at In that time there have been way over 40,000 views and I now have over 500 posts published. November 2013 was (surprise, surprise) the busiest ever month breaking my blog records. There were over 4,500 views and that includes:

Who knows what the next 12 months will bring but thank you for attention!


11 thoughts on “Thank You! Red Rocket Rising – one year on

      • Not much really except from keep going! I had a go at the poll, I’d like to see more of you speculative views, always good seeing another’s views. If I had one suggestion it would be an easy way to identify what type of article it is from first glance.For example a new review could be

        ‘[Review] Day of the Doctor thoughts’
        as opposed to
        ‘Day of the Doctor thoughts’

        And same for others, e.g.
        ‘[Speculation] The Doctor’s Future?’ and
        ‘[News] Marco Polo announced’ etc.

        Just a nice way to instantly be aware what you’re looking at.


      • Yes I would benefit from slightly more transparent names in places – my SEO is probably suffering from some of my more obscure post names.

        I have tried to add reviewed at the end of full reviews but you make a very good point and I will try and at least add news onto those items


  1. Congratulations Tony – this blog really is going from strength to strength. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts and theories on what will happen and look forward to more of that in the future and lately I’ve enjoyed going back through some of your BF reviews now I’ve heard more of those releases. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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