Wholloween sale from Big Finish

wholloween_image_mediumIf you’re quick you can catch the one day only Wholloween 50% sales from Big Finish! A total of 13 spooky titles have been selected from the main range and Companion Chronicles.  Details are on the Big Finish Wholloween sale page!

Update (November 1st) the sale has been extended across the weekend until Monday morning (the 4th)!

Don’t be scared – have a look before they’re gone!

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  1. Luke Foord says:

    Thank goodness i saw this! Really appreciate you putting Big Finish offers on here. I check this site daily but only the Big Finish site every now and then.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      We were both lucky – I had been away for a few days and didn’t spot this until the middle of the day!

      I try to keep up to date on these things but can’t always guarantee – do you check the BF twitter feed? Do you follow me on twitter?


      1. Luke Foord says:

        I do not, what’s your name?


      2. Tony Jones says:

        @helmstone (the link should work on the right of the blog) what’s yours?


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