3D, or not 3D: that is the question

76 Totters Lane from the 50th trailerIn the last few days (I am writing on the 23rd of October 2013, with one month to go until you know what) we have finally been treated to a trailer for the anniversary show The Day of the DoctorIt views as a tribute more than an actual trailer though I would be very happy to see all the Doctors added into the episode in some way. Apart from looking for all the hidden references to episodes gone past the trailer is also very clearly designed to be striking when views in 3D; we have also discovered that from this Friday (October 25th) it will be possible to book tickets to watch the Day of the Doctor in 3D at one of many, many cinemas world-wide.

This is all very exciting, but what will fans do? 3D, or not 3D: that is the question…


The fiftieth anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be shown simultaneously in cinemas around the world in 3D! This is epic, unheard of and a once in a lifetime experience. How often do we get to see Doctor Who on a screen that large? Who has 3D TV at home? Surely this is not to be missed?!

Not 3D

Fans are used to watching the show at home, re-watching immediately afterwards to watch again, tweet and posting about it as it happens or just afterwards. Do we want to be surrounded by 100s of people eating popcorn, on their phones, not enjoying it, not liking the bits we like? What if there are technical problems? Surely we want to see this in a controlled setting?

As for me…

I’d love to see it at the cinema, ideally on my own and twice. I would love to be part of something so big, then again I was at Longleat…

I will almost certainly watch at home though if it were possible to watch a repeat later that evening at the cinema…


Over to you – where will you watch The Day of the Doctor? Let me know!

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