Classic Doctors in the 50th?

All the classic DoctorsLots of noise this week suggestion that at least Tom Baker and Peter Davison might appear in (or near) the 50th anniversary. This is on many sites – in essence Davison has a script and is ‘doing something’ and Baker might have been filming a sketch for Have I got News for you. Who knows the truth?

Whatever is being planned, there must be several ways to feature the Doctors. Some of these are dodgier than others and I thought I would share my own idea…

The Zygon Theory

We know that Zygons feature in The Day of the Doctor so what if from when they met the Doctor (which was Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor) they had been copying him and we now had a whole set of Zygons each based on the fourth and subsequent Doctors? In the intervening time they could have all aged and could think of themselves as being the Doctor in some way.

We don’t need to feed Paul McGann into this – he could feature just be regenerating into the mysterious John Hurt Doctor.

Just a mad idea, but maybe?!

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