Big Finish poll toppers weekend sale (August 24-26 2013)

Fourth Doctor BoxsetAs a response to the DWM reader’s survey, Big Finish is providing weekend discounts on the top five Best Audios. Full details are on the Big Finish website here (link now removed as offer has expired).

A good range of titles though sadly the discounts are tiered such that the largest discount applies to the fifth most popular title (I was moderately interested in the winner!).

For quick reference the choices are:

  1. Fourth Doctor Boxset 10% reduction
  2. Dark Eyes 20% reduction
  3. Jago & Litefoot Series 4 30% off
  4. The Last Post 40% off
  5. Gods and Monsters 50% off.

Dark Eyes is recommends as is Last Post. I love Jago and Litefoot though have yet to listen to this particular series. Gods and Monsters is wonderful though I am not sure it works stand-alone so most people may have it already if they have the prequel material.

Certainly worth a look!

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