Vienna Series 1 available to pre-order

Vienna ImageBig Finish have made vienna Series1 available to pre-order at the incredible value-for-money price of £18 for three CDs!

Created by Jonathan Morris, starring Chase Masterson and produced by Mark Wright the three stories are written by Mark, Nev Fountain and Jonathan. The boxset will be released in January 2014 but don’t wait – go now and order.

Still here? If you need a reason to buy check out my  review Opening the Memory Box.

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  1. Luke Foord says:

    Damn Big Finish for making such good audios! Only just spent around £70 on the Lost Stories sale! (thanks for pointing that out by the way)


    1. Tony Jones says:

      A recurring problem! I also padded out my Lost Stories collection last weekend. Technically we have until January / February to order this but at £18 I just went for it!


      1. Luke Foord says:

        Right for some clarification, you have The Memory Box serving as like a pilot to her own series, and then the boxset of three different stories correct? Looking to preorder the boxset and just checking that for the full experience I’ll need to buy The Memory Box as well.


      2. Tony Jones says:

        Obviously I don’t know and Big Finish are good at making boxsets as independent as possible but I would get Memory Box to set the scene and style of the character(s).

        You don’t need Shadow Heart though


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