Manhattan takes Amy?

With the end of this mini-season of Doctor Who approaching I thought I would add to the wave of internet speculation as to how the Ponds leave the Doctor. We are promised something tragic and we have the Weeping Angels along with River Song to add to our ingredients for this story.

Just to make it clear I have no inside track and am just guessing as to how this story could unfold. If you want more, click on past the break!

An observation

It’s odd how Karen Gillan starred as Jean Shrimpton in We’ll take Manhattan in May this year on BBC Four. Just thought I would point it out!

That story was about a wild love affair and didn’t involve blue boxes, statues or time travelling archaeologists in case you didn’t see it!

My scenario

The Angels are after Amy and the TARDIS. River is involved maybe bringing our heroes to Manhattan in the first instance. The Doctor and River do something really clever to defeat the Angels but they have already sent Amy and Rory back in time. The Doctor is about to go back and rescue them when we discover that a mysterious old man in a wheelchair is actually Rory now aged 83!

He lets the Doctor know that when he and Amy went back in time they eventually stopped waiting for the Doctor and settled down and had a really happy life together. Amy has only recently passed on and Rory has not much time left. He gives River a diary from Amy and has a letter for the Doctor.

This is a bit like Blink and also a plot idea from the show Heroes but I think it works.



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