Send in the clowns (The God Complex)

God Complex ClownWell what picture to use? I opted for clown ahead of seeing the episode The  God Complex, though the room of ventriloquist dolls came close. Also as this episode features David Walliams I could also have opted for that. We also have a minotaur, weeping angels and other worst fears for all the guests at the hotel. Toby Whitehouse (School Reunion and Vampires of Venice) wrote it so we may be in for a treat; whatever happens it will no doubt be frenetic. See you afterwards for our usual weekly chat!

So how was it?

For me it was mixed – I enjoyed the episode but found to a large extent that the ‘hotel/fears’ didn’t lift off the screen and the episode was all about Rory and Amy (notice the order – another decent set of lines for Rory) leaving the TARDIS (if true).

Good and not so good


  • Amy Williams finally appears leaving Amy Pond to the past
  • The whole leaving scene was good – great lines about graves and broken bodies
  • Rory was great
  • David Walliams was very good though his character was pretty disposable
  • A good nod back to the Classic DW and the Nimons
  • Amara Karan was great as Rita and was clearly being set up to make us think of new companions
  • Visually brilliant.
Not so good:
  • The various rooms of fears – dolls / clowns / teachers / girls at party all seemed lazily written to me
  • The blogger was very one-dimensional.

The Story Arc

I don’t believe Amy/Rory are permanently gone and I would expect them in the last episode. Gossip on the web implies they may appear next season but not necessarily as permanent companions. Apart from that this is all about setting a gloomy mood for the last two episodes.

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