Poll: Who to interview in 2014

PollI’m running a quick poll (Feb 5th for a week or so) to find out who you’d like me to interview this year. Feel free to vote up to three times or leave me other suggestions in the comments.

A full guide to the field after the break…

The choices

Alan Barnes: a huge contributor to many ranges including this years Dark Eyes 2

Andrew Smith: has titles in several ranges this year including Blake’s 7Sixth Doctor main range and Survivors

Eddie Robson: has written for more ranges than I have space to list including a title in a forthcoming Liberator Chronicle

Ian Potter: has written for Counter Measures, Companion Chronicles and has one of this year’s Early Adventures

Jaq Rayner: wrote the wonderful Pirates and has a new Companion Chronicle out in 2014

Lisa Bowerman: Actor and regular Big Finish director who plays Bernice Summerfield and Ellie Higson

Don’t forget to vote!


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