Dark Eyes 3 reviewed

Dark Eyes 3 3d slipcaseThe third of what we are told will be four Dark Eyes boxsets was released in November 2014. The central protagonists are the Eighth Doctor, Molly, Liv Chenka and the Master. Gone are the Daleks and back is the Eminence. Add Dr Sally Armstrong, Narvin and a good sprinkle of new characters and aliens and next stop universal domination; at least that’s the Master’s plan.

How did it all unfold and was it worth waiting for?

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More on Last Christmas

Doctor_Who__Christmas_special_synopsis_revealedWe’ve learned that the Christmas Special 2014 will be called (and probably not in honour of Wham) Last Christmas. The Radio Times has given space to the synopsis (Doctor Who: Christmas special synopsis revealed) and I was interested (as a science fiction and as a writer [see my writer blog The Craft of Words]) in the mention of The Thing in connection with the Arctic base.

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Dark Eyes 4 details announced

Dark Eyes 4 slipcaseBig Finish has announced the release date of Dark Eyes 4 has pulled back forward to March 2015. There will also be an Eighth Doctor announcement in January (Big Finish Day 6?). Details: DOCTOR WHO: DARK EYES 4 – NEW RELEASE DATE!

The cover of Dark Eyes 4 reveals Daleks as well as Sontarans, Liv Chenka and the Alex Macqueen Master. Other details include The Eminence and a wonderful guest cast.

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