Requiem for the Rocket Men reviewed

Requiem for the rocket menJohn Dorney returned to his creation, The Rocket Men, in the March 2015 Fourth Doctor story Requiem for the Rocket Men. If the thought of bringing a foe from the First Doctor Companion Chronicles to meet the Fourth Doctor and Leela isn’t enough, the story throws in the Geoffrey Beevers Master as well!

Can a single story with this much content work in just one disc? Find out…

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Iris returns!

irisFans of Iris Wildthyme had every reason to imagine they might never hear Katy Manning reprise the role of their favourite trans-temporal adventuress. Paul Magrs has been busy with the release of some great Brenda and Effie stories over at bafflegab and all looked lost. The imminent release of The Worlds of Big Finish offered some succour but would that be enough for the fans?

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Genesis of Davros

wallpaper-genesis-of-the-daleksIt’s forty years since Genesis of the Daleks saw an anguished Fourth Doctor debate the ultimate act of genocide and decline the opportunity [picture is taken from a free download from Daryl Joyce]. According to one source (ok The Mirror) the opening story of the next Twelfth Doctor season owes more than a little to this classic adventure.

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