Flatline reviewed

Clara and Siege TARDIS from FlatlineAs the first series of Twelfth Doctor stories powers towards its conclusion, we had Flatlinea second story for Jamie Mathieson (who wrote the previous Mummy on the Orient Express). This is the one story per season where the Doctor does little leaving the action to his companion, Clara. Does Clara make a good Doctor?

Let’s find out…

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What about Flip?

Lisa Greenwood as Flip from ScavengerWith the news that a new companion, Constance, will be joining the Sixth Doctor, we have to ask – what about Flip? You may remember (spoilers) that she was last heard from in the episode Scavenger as she choose to plummet towards the Earth from orbit. We have no idea if she lives and we know that Sixie is now on his way to try to disentangle his time with Peri.

Where does this leave Lisa Greenwood’s character?

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Radio Times Flatline poster revealed

Radio Times Flatline posterThe latest Stuart Manning retro-poster for the Radio Times has been revealed. It’s an incredibly minimalist image that plays right to the heart of what we’ve seen on the trailers for FlatlineA stark outline of the TARDIS and just the simple silhouette of the Twelfth Doctor.

Roll on tonight’s episode!

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