Heaven Sent in review

Twelfth Doctor Heaven Sent Dinner TimeSo, Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat. Clearly brilliant, clearly a bravura performance from Peter Capaldi. Blending Groundhog Day with a powerful, scary stalker in the form of the Veil, we even end up on Gallifrey. What’s not to like?! Perhaps not very accessible to younger viewers and very dark, but already widely regarded as a classic.

Plenty of great moments to savour again, and possibly some quibbles. Here are my thoughts… Continue reading

The Black Hole reviewed on CultBox

The Black Hole coverI reviewed Simon Guerrier’s excellent Second Doctor story, The Black Hole on CultBox. It is part of the October round-up of Doctor Who releases I help Ian McArdell produce. The reviews are: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in November 2015 from Big Finish.

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Face the Raven reviewed

Clara Face the RavenSarah Dollard’s Doctor Who story, Face the Ravencan be summarised simply. Ashildr returns, tricks the Doctor into wearing a teleport bracelet and in so-doing Clara takes one risk too many. Clara ends up dead and the Doctor is teleported away as Ashildr wonders just what she has done.

Of course a little bit more happened than that (and lots of spoilers as I can’t imagine you haven’t seen the episode)… Continue reading