Legacy 3 – second impression

Katy Manning Jo Grant Doctor Who LegacyAfter the disappointment of Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 (see here) the team at Tiny Rebel Games has sorted out the iOS purchase problem and I can now spend money on the Sonic Adventures and Kids levels. (Oh and check out twitch this week for Katy Manning and some time fragment bounty).

Now I’ve played it, what’s my opinion now? Continue reading

Cultbox reviews from August 2015

Doctor-Who-Colin-BakerA bit of a feast of Doctor Who reviews / notes over on CultBox covering five releases. They’ve been split into two articles to make it easier to digest (keeping the meal theme going!). Continue reading

Mission Dalek – write for Doctor Who!

Mission DalekThe Doctor is lost in time and space — your Mission Dalek is to tell us where he’s been! This is how the BBC has introduced a new project, giving UK fans the chance to create a digital Doctor Who story. Details on the Mission Dalek Homepage. There’s plenty to work with and it all seems fun. Continue reading

Titan Comics Four Doctors #1 reviewed on Starburst

four doctors 1I had a look at the first of the Titan Comics Four Doctors event series for summer 2015. Written by Paul Cornell I really liked the first half (the War Doctor sequence on Marinus) but felt the multi-Doctor second half was not as strong. The review is: FOUR DOCTORS #1.

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Catch Colin Baker at Whooverville 7

Colin BakerIf you are anywhere near Derby on September 7, 2015 you can catch Colin Baker at Whooverville 7. This is an annual get together and is being held at the QUAD Derby. Other guests include Barnaby Edwards, Matthew Waterhouse, Dan Starkey and Terrance Dicks. Tickets cost between £10 and £40 and are available here. More information on Whooverville is on their blog.

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Legacy 3.0: First impression? Disappointment

Legacy 3 Zygon imageSo Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 was released overnight (UK time) and my first impressions are disappointment. First up I have the iOS bug whereby I can’t buy the new levels, either Kids or Sonic Adventures. I also think the app is running very slowly on my iPAD mini, much slower than before. My main thought after a quick once over is could do better. Continue reading