Torchwood More than This reviewed

Torchwood More Than ThisIt’s to Eve Myles to bring the first series of Big Finish Torchwood audios to a close in More Than This. Guy Adams (who wrote the wonderful Vienna story Big Society, also out this month. It’s a pillar to post tour round the everyday realities of Cardiff in the Torchwood universe in the company of Gwen Cooper, ably supported in a straight-man role by Sgt Andy. All this as Gwen tries to convince Mr Pugh (Richard Nichols) of the value of Torchwood.

So, Tom Price gets a part in the new audios, but is More Than This up the standard of the rest of the season? Well I loved it; find out why…

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Director’s cut of Husbands of River Song

Husbands of RIver Song legacyDoctor Who Legacy are getting ready to release a new set of content The Husbands of River Song: Director’s Cut. It will be out on February 15th and will be paid content. On launch it will be $2.99 moving to $3.99 (no idea on UK equivalent prices). I’ve moaned elsewhere about the harsh commercial reality driving Tiny Rebel Games into paid content rather than driving back through the show’s history.
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Prisoners of Time reviewed on Starburst

prisoners_of_time_omnibusI took a look at the re-issue of the Titan Comics 50th anniversary collection Prisoners of Time on Starbust. I hadn’t read them at the time and the 300 page story isn’t bad though I have had my fill of multi-Doctor extravaganzas. The review is: DOCTOR WHO PRISONERS OF TIME OMNIBUS.

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The almost Day of the Doctor

Ninth Doctor in barn from Day of the DoctorFull marks to Bleeding Cool for their article How Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Looked When Christopher Eccleston Was Still In It – And Billie Piper Wasn’tDrawn from the recent release by storyboard creator Andrew Wildman of sketches from Day of the Doctor it gives a fascinating glimpse of the anniversary show we could have had. Continue reading

BBC Books reissues Target titles

Doctor_Who_and_the_ZarbiA piece from The Bookseller for any fan of the Doctor Who Target books: BBC Books reissues seven Doctor Who ‘classics’BBC Books will publish the titles on April 28, both physical and e-book versions will be available. Later in the year there will also be three hardback reissues. Continue reading

Waters of Amsterdam reviewed

Waters of Amsterdam coverThe main range continues the trend of offering new entry points with the thoroughly enjoyable Jonathan Morris story Waters of Amsterdam. Set early in Tegan’s second tenure in the TARDIS, we get a chance to learn more of what Tegan did in her time away, why Rembrandt is drawing spaceships and just what the mythical water creatures are doing in Amsterdam.

As I said, it’s an enjoyable story, but what makes it so?

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Wave of Destruction review on Cultbox

Wave of DestructionAs the Fourth Doctor Adventures start their fifth season, enter Lalla Ward as Romana II! Justin Richards starts us off with Wave of Destruction, a tale of radio waves, alien invasion and pirate radio. All really well executed and reviewed over on CultBox as part of the monthly round-up I do with Ian McArdell: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in January 2016 from Big Finish.

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