The Caretaker reviewed

Danny Pink and the Doctor from CaretakerGareth Roberts and Steven Moffat gave us the sixth of twelve episodes of this series of Doctor Who in the form of The Caretaker. With a sideshow of an alien killing mega-robot to contend with, just how would Clara find the time to introduce her boyfriend to the Doctor? Can Coal Hill survive?

Find out…

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Mask of Tragedy reviewed

mask of tragedyBig Finish releases two main range titles every September, and the first of these for 2014 was the James Goss story Mask of Tragedy. This is the middle story of the current Seventh Doctor / Ace / Hector trilogy. I believe James Goss has had an exceptional few years (eg his work on Bernice Summerfield, Blake’s 7, Scorchies) and has more to come (eg the next Jago and Litefoot).

I wasn’t thrilled by last month’s Revenge of the Swarm; was this a hit or was this one a bit of a tragedy?

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The return of John Smith

John Smith Top Trumps CardWhen I cast my mind forward to The Caretaker I neglected to mention the traditional alias of John Smith being used. I found a piece in The Metro (a free UK newspaper) that remedies this oversight: Doctor Who: A brief history of the Doctor’s alter ego John Smith.

There is also a disambiguation page for John Smith on the TARDIS Data Core for those who want to read more.

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Thoughts ahead of The Caretaker

Doctor_Who__promo_The_CaretakerSo, once again Coal Hill School is the centre of events having featured in Unearthly ChildRemembrance of the Daleks and several Big Finish titles. This week’s The Caretaker is a Gareth Roberts / Steven Moffat script and promises us love, monsters and more!

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