Revenge of the Swarm reviewed

Revenge of the SwarmThe latest Seventh Doctor trilogy for the main range kicks off with a Jonathan Morris tale Revenge of the Swarm. This features Ace and Hector Thomas (see Afterlife) as companions. The cast also includes Siobhan Redmond (announced as the new Rani) and John Dorney doing a spot of acting as well.

Jonathan Morris has written some wonderful Ace / Hex stories (I’m particularly thinking about Protect and Survive) – how well does this work with the new version of Philip Olivier’s character as Hector Thomas?

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Some thoughts ahead of Into the Dalek

Twelfth Doctor and Dalek from Into the DalekThe BBC has stepped up its promotion for the Twelfth Doctor‘s next story, Into the Dalek. If you visit the episode’s page on the BBC website, you will see the newest mini-trailer (And this is your patient…) and the focus is all on the Daleks, the Doctor and the space mercenaries (my name) who feature in this episode. I note that something is being overlooked…

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