The Doctors’ Timelines Index

All the DoctorsAnd there’s more timeline goodness. On the Big Finish forum we don’t only have The Companions’ Timelines Index but also The Doctors’ Timelines Index. This is an epic piece of work in progress and is available here: The Doctors’ Timelines IndexThanks to Tim / forum user billy2.

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Valley of Death reviewed

The Valley of DeathWith Foe From the Future, this two CD story originally written by Philip Hinchcliffe is part of the Fourth Doctor Boxset of Lost Stories. Adapted by Jonathan Morris, it is described by director Ken Bentley in the extras as bonkers. Does it deserve this, and does it matter?

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Fate of Krelos reviewed

Fate of Krelos coverAt last we get a story that doesn’t revolve around the Doctor saving the world / galaxy / universe / reality of space and time. In this Fourth Doctor tale, The Fate of Krelos, Nick Briggs creates a strong character study with several strong hints as to what is coming next (as if we didn’t know from looking ahead on the website!)

So, who’s up for a spot of fishing…

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Christopher Eccleston on leaving Doctor Who

Christopher_EcclestonChristopher Eccleston has talked (briefly) about leaving the show on the Radio 4 show Loose Ends. We all believed it was due to some unspecified dispute so this tells us little more. He did refuse the anniversary show so clearly it was a big deal. At least he is professional enough to refuse to be drawn on the subject. Who knows? We may yet get him to audio! [Update: yes this is an April story, suddenly doing the rounds] Continue reading

Foe from the Future reviewed

The Foe from the FuturePart of the Fourth Doctor boxset of Lost Stories, Foe From the Future is a six-part (3xCD) story for the Doctor and Leela. It was originally written by Robert Banks Stewart (who wrote Terror of the Zygons and Seeds of Doom) and adapted by John Dorney. The other story included in the boxset is The Valley of Death; I will review that later.

When Tom Baker came on-board with Big Finish, this was the first product released (October 2011) — does it show any signs of this?

The answer is a resolute no – it is an excellent, if pricey, set of stories deserving of a place in any collection.

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Dark Convoy reviewed on CultBox

Dark ConvoyMy review of the July Short Trips, Dark Convoy by Mark B Oliver is now live on CultBox. A great, atmospheric Seventh Doctor story read by Sophie Aldred.

The review is part of the July roundup I did with Ian McArdell: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in July 2015 from Big Finish.

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Mythmakers #118 Virgin Publishing reviewed on Kasterborous

Nick-Briggs-Myth-Makers-118-largeI reviewed the fascinating Reeltime release #118 on Kasterborous. It’s about Virgin Publishing and has interviews with a lot of writes, recorded in 1993. Worth watching just for the site of  a very young Paul Cornell! The piece is:REVIEWED: MYTHMAKERS #118 VIRGIN PUBLISHING.

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