Holly Black announced as Twelfth Doctor writer for Puffin

Holly Black - Lights OutJust when you thought the 50th anniversary was over, Puffin has decided to add to its series of ebooks. The Twelfth Doctor story will be penned by Holly Black and is called Lights Out. Little is known of the plot, but as to Holly she is a multi-best selling author of various things including the Spiderwick Chronicles (co-written with Tony DiTerlizzi).

More details as they emerge!

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Breaking Bubbles reviewed

breaking_bubbles_cover_cover_largeBreaking Bubbles is the 2014 multi-story release for the main range and consists of four stories for the Sixth Doctor and Peri. These multi-story releases often turn up something interesting and follow no consistent formula. Some have a vague arc, some a theme, this is in parts a showcase for writers new to Doctor Who  or even Big Finish altogether. With four stories the listener is likely to find something they like even if not every story is ideal for them. How well do these four stories stand up?

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Even more Legacy teasers for Greyhound One!

Bessie LegacyFirst up thanks to @doctorwholegacy for tweeting my previous post More Legacy Teasers for Greyhound OneNot only was I after a reason to include more of the game’s great artwork (cue Bessie! [the Third Doctor's Car]) but also wanted to point people to the official, and detailed, news item on the Tiny Rebel Games website: Team Update – August!

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Is Doctor Who reaching Saturation Point?

Twelfth Doctor meditatingOn Sunday July 27th, 2014 the Sunday Times printed an interview with Peter Capaldi all about his becoming the Twelfth Doctor and what we might expect re: no flirting with Clara. The piece is behind the Times’s paywall: Peter Capaldi: BBC’s new Doctor drops the bedside manner thought search around and you’ll get the gist.

I am not going to talk about the interview, more the existence of the interview. I want to ask the question – is Doctor Who reaching Saturation Point?

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Big Finish 15 – 2002

bf15-2002_image_largeFollowing the demand, Big Finish has made their celebration offers 48 hours long so I have had to lose the word ‘day’ from the title. As we hit 2002 there is at least one must buyPirates! I also recommend the other titles Loups-Garoux, Neverland and Flip-Flop. There is also a £5 per CD offer on Excelis a series featuring Anthony Stewart Head.


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