Other views on Under the Lake

The cast of Under the LakeI reviewed Under the Lake here. In wandering around I have read several other reviews, most of which were quite positive, such as colleague Rob Smedley’s review on CultBox. I did also spot the Radio Times were less positive: my claptrap-o-meter is pinging towards the danger zoneA bit harsh but a good read. Continue reading

#OnlyTheMonstrous – teaser from Big Finish

Big Finish teaserBig Finish is teasing something with the hashtag #OnlyTheMonstrous and the image to the left. Clearly something to do with Doctor Who but what? All to be revealed at 10 am (UK time assumed) on Monday October 5, 2015. Is this the release of Doom Coalition? Maybe, but others have also noted the similarity to the cover of the Terrance Dicks novel The Eight DoctorsI felt that was ambitious but flawed.

Let’s wait for the announcement!

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