Time Heist reviewed

Twelfth Doctor Time HeistAfter the impact of last week’s Listen we now have a more straightforward story of bank robbery and time travel with Time Heist. Written by two Stevens (Moffat and Thompson) this is the Ms Delphox episode and we get to find out (possibly) just who Keeley Hawes is playing. Will this episode steal our imagination the way last week’s did? We’ll find out!

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Philip Hinchcliffe Presents reviewed

philip hinchcliffe boxsetIn a bumper September, Big Finish released Philip Hinchcliffe Presents, a chance to reunite what some people believe to be possibly the show’s strongest team of Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and their then producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

The release comprises two stories over five discs (plus extras). Was the trip into the past worth the effort and do the stories work?

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Thoughts ahead of Time Heist

Time HeistAs we get over last week’s Listen attention turns to Time Heist. My theories as to who Ms Delphox might be are waning and this is part due to the mysterious Missy hovering across the series arc. Maybe they are one and the same?

I noticed plenty of reaction on the web to the set of criminal faces shown in the trailer. They included characters from Torchwood and Sarah Jane and even one from a comic – Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer. The main reaction to the latter was a regret that it wasn’t Sabalom Glitz!

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Latest Legacy news

Danny Pink new costumeIn a week that saw has already given us some treats, Doctor Who Legacy  this week’s news letter gives us yet more.

There’s a code for a new outfit for Danny Pink (pictured) and confirmation that after Time Heist there will be a new companion. I will guess here and take the new companion to be Saibra (the shape-shifter) as opposed to Psi (the hacker). I assume the new level will pitch the team against Miss Delphox.

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Mid-week treats from Legacy

The Moment in LegacyA jamboree bag [in the 1970s we had mixed bags of sweets, jokes and toys] of a mid-week update from Doctor Who Legacy. FIrst up for android users a patch. There’s a new crystal sale (first time for the Facebook version) and also various characters now in the store including The Moment (available soon as a drop), various winders and some silence.

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More takes on Listen

Toy Soldier Artwork from ListenSo last Saturday’s Twelfth Doctor story Listen still has the fans talking. This post isn’t a further review more a gathering of thoughts from around the web. Thanks (mostly) to JR Southall who pointed me at most of this content.

Clearly Steven Moffat has struck several chords with several people – I’m part way through a re-watch and yes, it is really good but I’m not as moved as I was after Blink. Just me.

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