Big Finish Day 7 shaping up nicely

BF Day 7The guest list for September’s Big Finish Day 7 is growing, as is the number of things possibly on the programme. The three I’ve been to (3, 4 and 6) were all very good but check out the Tenth Planet guest list – it’s growing week by week.

Not only is that list growing but so is the list of things being released that month or soon after. One obvious thought is will Torchwood be represented? The first Captain Jack story is out that month. Continue reading

Worlds of Big Finish Cultbox review

Worlds of Big FinishI reviewed Worlds of Big Finish over on Cultbox, a review will follow here at some point. Even though not a Doctor Who title, four (so far) of the included stories have connected (Graceless, Iris Wildthyme, Vienna and Bernice Summerfield).

The review is: ‘Worlds of Big Finish’ audio story review.

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Short Trips King of the Dead reviewed

the king of the dead coverMay 2015 brought us the Monthly Short Trips story King of the Dead. Narrated by Sarah Sutton, this half hour piece is the first release to have been written by Producers’ Assistant Ian Atkins. It is a Fifth Doctor story with Nyssa and Tegan as companions.

So far these short tales have been interesting and worth the small investment; does this continue the trend? Continue reading

Graceless series 1 reviewed

graceless-cover-3dI have finally listened to 2010’s release of Simon Guerrier’s Graceless and was rather impressed with it (and annoyed I hadn’t grabbed a copy earlier). They may not be real people, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care what happens to them. Given these are not new I may be more generous with the spoilers.

Following on from the events of the Key2Time Trilogy, how will two young women with extraordinary powers cope with the universe? And just why is Amy now called Abby?

Let’s find out… Continue reading

Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who at Forbidden Planet

Scientific Secrets of WhoIf you can set your spatio-temporal coordinates for Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue between 18:00 and 19:00 local time on June 4th 2015 (local calendar) you will have the chance to meet Simon Guerrier, Jenny Colgan, Andrew Smith and Dr Marek Kulula. The event is to mark the launch of Simon and Marek’s book The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who.

Full details: Learn the Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who!

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