Looking forward to Breaking Bubbles

Breaking Bubbles detailBig Finish has just put the cover for the July release Breaking Bubbles on its website. I particularly enjoy the short story collections but beyond this I am interested for another reason – the range of new voices for the main range. Some are newer than others but I think all four stories have strong potential – why do I think that? Read on…
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Doctor Who Legacy 2.0 released

Eight Doctor Legacy PicSo, after some delays with the actual Series 5 content we now have version 2.0 of Doctor Who Legacy up and running. The release was spread across most of Thursday with the update to the software arriving some time before the content.

My first thoughts are I like the perk system which only took a couple of goes to figure out, there are suddenly a ridiculous number of achievements and that Series 5 seems hard though I’ve only played the first game. I can see the perks getting addictive and the best ones need crystals to unlock. I’d better keep my wallet under lock and key!

Moonflesh by Mark Morris reviewed

moonflesh_coverApril 2014 and the start of another Fifth Doctor trilogy, this giving us Nyssa as the companion. The honours fell to Mark Morris to kick things off with the intriguingly titled Moonflesh. With a great cast of John Banks, Tim Bentinck, Rosanna Miles, Francesca Hunt, Hugh Fraser and Geoffrey Breton alongside Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton what happens when we once more visit England…

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Gratuitous Red Dress pictures of Clara

Jenna Coleman in tight red dress croppedAnd the BBC’s Doctor Who publicity machine continues its work of making sure we don’t forget about the filming of the new series. Yesterday saw a set of photos produced that show various cast members on the set of the Robin Hood story. Sadly everyone focussed on Jenna Coleman in a tight red dress and that is the picture most widely used.

The show has rather a history of something for the Dads but even so this is a bit back to basics;-)

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The Evil One by Nicholas Briggs reviewed

The Evil OneThe fourth story in the third series of Fourth Doctor Adventures is a Nick Briggs story that adds the Master as played by Geoffrey Beevers to the mix. We also get Michael Keating (Vila from Blake’s 7), Nick Briggs as the Salonu and Gareth Armstrong round out the normal cast of Louise Jameson and Tom Baker.

No Daleks in sight so what has Nick in store for us?

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