The Legacy of Charley Pollard

Charley Pollard in Doctor Who LegacyEverybody’s favourite Edwardian Adventuress, Charlotte Pollard, joins Doctor Who Legacy tomorrow (Thursday, December 18th 2014). Her gem colour and power (including name but surely it is Edwardian Adventuress) to be revealed but the artwork is up on the Big Finish site as is a code for some more time fragments: CHARLOTTE POLLARD: COMING SOON TO DOCTOR WHO: LEGACY!

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Could Captain Jack or River return?

Jack_HarknessOver on the Radio Times website there’s a snippet from Steven Moffat about Captain Jack and River Song. It’s worth a quick look – basically although unlikely he is now not saying it’s impossible they might return at some point. The piece is: Doctor Who: Returns of River Song and Jack Harkness are “never closed off” says Steven Moffat

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Highest Science reviewed

highest-science_coverThe Highest Science is a Seventh Doctor + Benny story staged over two discs. It is adapted by Jacqueline Rayner from the original Gareth Roberts novel and apart from Sylvester and Lisa B the cast includes Sinead Keenan, Daniel Brocklebank, Tom Bell and Sarah Ovens.

The book was published in 1993 – I am unsure why this book at this time; I assume it is a popular, early title (someone please set me straight). How well does it translate to audio?

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The Big Finish Legacy Convergence

Perkins Legacy AdventAmidst all the Doctor Who Legacy fun (including Astrid and Perkins appearing) I find signs that we might soon get Charley Pollard! This includes Big Finish putting some codes for Legacy on their FaceBook page and a recent Legacy news item (which I have mislaid) confirming it will be soon and linking back to the Charlotte Pollard series.

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The main range – 200, not out!

200 not out Doctor Who Main RangeThis month (December 2014) sees the release of main range title The Rani Elite which is release number 194. In 2015 Big Finish will release the 200th title in the range. To mark the occasion there will be a run of three releases under the banner of The Locum Doctors. Details are here: BIG FINISH – DOCTOR WHO 2015: THE LOCUM DOCTORS!

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