Dark Convoy reviewed on CultBox

Dark ConvoyMy review of the July Short Trips, Dark Convoy by Mark B Oliver is now live on CultBox. A great, atmospheric Seventh Doctor story read by Sophie Aldred.

The review is part of the July roundup I did with Ian McArdell: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in July 2015 from Big Finish.

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Mythmakers #118 Virgin Publishing reviewed on Kasterborous

Nick-Briggs-Myth-Makers-118-largeI reviewed the fascinating Reeltime release #118 on Kasterborous. It’s about Virgin Publishing and has interviews with a lot of writes, recorded in 1993. Worth watching just for the site of  a very young Paul Cornell! The piece is:REVIEWED: MYTHMAKERS #118 VIRGIN PUBLISHING.

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Opening River Song’s Diary in DWM #489

Mr and Mrs SongSpoilers ahead! The latest issue of DWM has plenty of details about the upcoming Diary of River Song courtesy of script editor Matt Fitton. He introduces plot details, casting, episodes names and writers. Big Finish has also published a piece on this: DOCTOR WHO: MEET RIVER SONG’S HUSBAND!

It all looks wonderful, and January should be a great start to a year of new-Who releases!

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Details revealed for The Sontaran Ordeal

Sontaran Ordeal castThe latest DWM (#489) reveals many things, including more details of Classic Doctors, New Monsters. The Eighth Doctor / Sontaran story is Sontaran Ordeal by Andrew Smith. The case includes Dan Starkey (of course), Chris Ryan (ex Young Ones) and of great interest to Blake’s 7 fans, Josette Simon OBE. The full announcement is: DOCTOR WHO: SONTAR-HA!

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Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who reviewed

Scientific Secrets Back CoverThere are many, many books about Doctor Who (I’m even thinking of writing one!) and not all of them can stand out. I’m pleased to report The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who seems destined to join the ranks of the successful. Put together by Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, this book has a lot to recommend it, and TARDIS-like there is much more to it than the cover might suggest… Continue reading