Big Finish main range – 15 today!

bf15-1999_image_largeI’d like to first congratulate Big Finish on 15 years of the main range! Yes, Sirens of Time was released today, July 23rd 1999. There is a news item and day 1 of a set of special releases / bargains: BIG FINISH’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO RELEASES. Do get the freebies and of the titles on special offer, get Sirens of course and consider Protect and Survive!

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Counter Measures series 3 reviewed

counter-measures-3-3d_cover_largeThey appeared for the anniversary in The Assassination Games but are now back where they belong in their own boxset. We learned a lot of secrets before but many remain.

As ever things are mixed for the team with Sir Toby’s very future in doubt…

There are some spoilers so you may wish to read this after you have listened.

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