Big Finish novel adaptation news

Seventh Doctor novel adaptions imageThe announcements continue! We’ve had the licence, we’ve had The Doom Coalition, now it’s the turn of the novel adaptations. There is also an announcement due tomorrow! Today’s announcement is here: DOCTOR WHO: THE NOVEL ADAPTATIONS CONTINUE! This means lots more Seventh Doctor. Bundles are available!

My thoughts (such as they are, I’ve read few of the Virgin Adventures) are below…

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Doom Coalition – first thoughts

Doom Coalition 1 CoverThis weekend’s plethora of Doctor Who announcements from Big Finish continues with an update on the next set of Eighth Doctor boxsets – The Doom Coalition. Now we know who Helen Sinclair is an have much else to contemplate. The Big Finish news item is here: DOCTOR WHO: DOOM COALITION – COMING OCTOBER 2015 and more specifics on the first release are on its product page.

My own thoughts and observations follow…

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Now Who is 10 – Happy Birthday, Rose

Rose TylerHere we are, March 26, 2015 and the regenerated Doctor Who is ten years old today. How did that happen? My own relationship with the show had floundered and this was a road to Damascus revelation (see About Me). I’ve only briefly reviewed Rose as part of the whole Ninth Doctor run, and one day might remedy that.

This blog is only a few years old and there is rather a backlog!

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The mystery of the three Capaldis

Three CapaldisDon’t shout it too loudly, but Doctor Who isn’t real! All the characters are played by actors, the stories are written and sometimes stuff just ends up on-screen!

If you’ve recovered from the shock, let’s talk Peter Capaldi. The Twelfth Doctor. And Frobisher from Torchwood: Children of Earth. And Caecilius from the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble story Fires of Pompeii.

How do we explain all that?

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Has Doctor Who Legacy gotten distracted?

Bigger on the InsideLots of activity from Doctor Who Legacy recently, including lots of promotions, extra experience, new perks (interesting mixes of good and bad at the same time) and the one time buff system.

This week we will also get the start of the pixellated Bigger on the Inside levels. In the middle of all this activity I ask one question – has Doctor Who Legacy gotten distracted?

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The Entropy Plague reviewed

entropy plague coverIt falls to Jonathan Morris to conclude the Fifth Doctor eSpace trilogy with The Entropy Plague. The TARDIS crew of the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough made a surprise trip to eSpace in Mistfall and Tegan managed to get kidnapped in Equilibrium. With the whole of the eSpace universe under threat of collapse, how will our heroes make their escape? How many spoilers will I have to drop in to explain what happens?

Let’s find out…

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