Crimes of Thomas Brewster on Radio 4 Extra

Crimes of Thomas BrewsterIf you have access to BBC Radio 4 Extra / iPlayer Radio app, then you might like to know there is a new run of Big Finish releases starting with Jonathan Morris’s The Crimes of Thomas Brewster. I really like this story; part of the action is set on the London Underground near Gt Portland Street station, which happens to be where I was when I heard the relevant scenes! Continue reading

Torchwood Outbreak announced

Torchwood Jack Gwen IantoWell, now we know at least one of the recent secret projects is a November 2016 release of a full-cast three-disc boxset Torchwood: Outbreak. The cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen and Tom Price. This was announced on the latest podcast.

That still leaves four stories unaccounted for!

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Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1 full review

Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1 boxsetFollowing my initial review of new Doctor Who release The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1 for CultBox, I’d like to give more detail as to why I think these three stories are so strong, why I believe they work and go deeper for the sheer joy of it!

There will be some revealing details (aka spoilers) but I’m sure we are all able to cope… Continue reading

Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood?

Barrowman and CoduriWhatever Big Finish is doing in studio with John Barrowman this week just got stranger — we now have pictures of John in studio with Camille Coduri (left). Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood or is something else going on?

This Radio Time post gives some detail but also suggests more Tenth Doctor recording – confused? Let’s hope for an announcement soon! Continue reading